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Just Join the Jilin Normal University

by on 2016-06-24 08:45:09


Jilin Normal University is the key university of Jilin province, situated in Siping city. It was founded in 1958 with an area of 920 thousand square meters. The spacious conditions have provided decent environment for students to study.There are 22 colleges and 2 teaching departments, 27 acadenies, 117 laboratories in all. It holds large scale of library along with 1811.2 tousand volumes.There are more than 29 thousand students and 1488 high qualified teachers team.


Jilin Normal University has spared no time to open the access to overseas students with more platform for further  study.It has fabulous class arrangement with reasonable fee. The accommodation is designed with all the facility so as to make you a comfortable environment.








There is the special Chinese language and lecture class for you, so you can utterly learn the Chinese well in the short time. Especially, it opens the major of International Chinese Teaching, besides, there are all different kinds of activities you can attend to enrich your campus life. The premise you attend this major is that you must pass the HSK 4,and you can take the exam in Jilin Normal University conveniently. There is also the Hotel Management major and the university provides the five-sta hotel for srudents to practice with salary. In the course of internship, you can catch the chance and challenge to gain more betond imagination. The economics major is also not a bad choice for you to master some knowledge.Thera is also the expensive sholarsip for you as long as you perform well every term.


The specific fee is described below:


Chinese language and lecture : 7,000 yuan per term

International Chinese Teaching : 18,000 yuan per year (22,000 yuan for South Korean)

Hotel Management : 18,000 yuan per year

single room: 60 yuan per day
double room: 40 yuan per day


So wanna go to Jinlin university to study? Then join us for extrordinery experience and never miss any chance at hand!

Whoever comes first will have a bigger opportunity to get the final limited seats!

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