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Southwest University of Science and Technology

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Southwest University of Science and Technology

  Southwest University of Science and Technology(SWUST)is located in Mianyang--the only Science and Technology City in China, which is surrounded by green mountains and with beautiful Fujiang River running through. Mianyang boasts a magical land that had produced numerous talents and is the hometown of Dayu and Libai.The site where the campus stands now used to be occupied by the Mianyang branch of Tsinghua University. SWUSTdates back to 1939 during the Anti-Japanese War when Sichuan Jiang Jin Ceramics Vocational and Technical School and Sichuan Provincial Advanced Agricultural Vocational Schoool were founded.



  SWUST has now developed into a comprehensive regular full-time undergraduate university in Sichuan Province authorized to confer doctoral degree and a university jointly constructed by the State Administration of Science and Technology Industry of National Defence (SASTIND) and people's Government of Sichuan Province.

  SWUST has become the one of 14 key institutions of higher learning which enjoys the priority for further development and approved by Ministry of Education and one of the pilot universities for modern distance education in China. It is qualified to recommend excellent undergraduates to pursue graduate studies without entrance exams and offer programs for part-time graduate students to apply for the master's degree and admit international students.



  Its campus covers an area of 272.53 hectares with a floor area of one million squar kilometers.  There are over 30000 college and graduate students .

  For having been located in the west part of China, SWUST has developed a campus spirit of “work arduously and strive for innovations” and established a motto of “Morility, Komwledge, Determination and Innvation” under the guidance of the educaional philosophy of “cultivation,morality,rationality,toleranceand excellence”and the educational methodology of “quality, talent, feature and harmony”.

  SWUST has actively conducted extensive foreign exchanges and cooperation and has successively established relationships with more than 30 universities and research institutions in such countries as American,Britain and Canada.



  SWUST attaches much importance to the cultivation of the students' comprehensive capability and quality.In recent years,some students have obtained satisfaction results in the National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest and the National Undergraduate Mathematics Modeling Contest. In particular,the robotics teem won the champion and “Best Technology Award”in the third National Undergraduate Robot Contest in July,2004. In september,on behalf of China, the team finished second and obtained “Best Technology Award” in the Undergraduate Robot Contest of the Asian-Pacific region.


  Its old name is Fucheng or Mianzhou. It lies in the northwest of Sichuan basin.  Its living  environment is so nice that it is appreicated by people with many awards, such as the National Garden City, National Sanitary City, National Civilized City, the Best Livable City, the Only Science and Technology City authorized by the state council.  






The living environment here is suitable for people to live in, and here you can appreciate the natural scenery and many special animals. If you want to study in China, this university is a good choice for you. 



Tel: 0086-571-88165708


Wechat: CUECC2003

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