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Beijing Vocational College of Agriculture

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  • A History of 57 Years

  • One of the National Demonstration Vocational Colleges

  • An Outstanding Vocational College in Beijing

  • A National Civilization Unit

  • The Core Member of A Number of Associations

  • Four Campuses

  • 39 Advanced Vocational Majors

  • High Employment Rate 



Approved by Beijing Municipal Government, Beijing Vocational College of Agriculture (BVCA), a vocational college registered with the Ministry of Education, was founded in 1958. As of today, BVCA has a history of 57 years. BVCA is one of the national demonstration vocational colleges. It has been granted the titles of An Outstanding Vocational College in Beijing and A National Civilization Unit. BVCA is the core member of a number of associations, including “Rural and Agricultural Vocational Education committee, China Vocational Education Association” and “National Centre for Agricultural Vocational Education Research”.

BVCA has four campuses. The total area and the total construction area of the college are 846,000 square meters and 270,000 square metres, respectively. The capital assets amount to RMB 552 million. The college has 9 departments, such as Horticulture Department, Veterinary Department, Food and Bio-engineering Department, as well as International Education College (IEC), Mechanical and Electrical Engineering College and Continue-study School. BVCA has 39 advanced vocational majors, with more than 5 thousand full-time students. The college has 410 full-time teachers, including 22 professors and 127 associate professors. In college, there are 700 acres practice site and more than 80% productive training rate. The employment rate of graduates is over 98% for ten years.

BVCA has been active in co-operating with overseas universities and colleges. After obtaining the approval from Beijing Municipal Commission of Education and registering with Ministry of Education, BVCA starts to co-operate with a number of overseas universities and colleges in the field of degree education and non-degree education. Working closely together with Seneca College in Canada and South Lankshire College in England, BVCA now offers 4 joint diploma programs. It has also established long-term and stable relationship with 16 colleges in Russia, German, Australia and Holland. The ultimate objective of these international communication and exchange activities is to introduce high quality education resources to BVCA so that BVCA becomes an international vocational college and a platform for its counterparts in China to co-operate with their overseas counterparts.

Approved by Beijing Municipal Commission of Education in 2014, BVCA started to enroll international students. At present, there are 20 registered international students, 20 short-term students taking Chinese language training courses and 11 short-term students taking husbandry and veterinary professional internship courses. 



Chinese Language Program (Non-degree)

Two weeks for intensified chinese language learning. 

International Economy and Trade(Associate Degree, Chinese-taught)


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