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Working Conference on Education Internationalization was Held in ZJSU

by CUECC-Sophia on 2015-11-15 17:29:31

On October 13th, working conference on education internationalization was held in ZJSU Xiasha campus. The meeting was attended by the members of the leading group for education internationalization, directors of all secondary schools who are responsible for the international work as well as the directors of Personnel Department, Planning Department andInternetCenter.

Dai stressed that the internationalization of ZJSU has maintained a good momentum and there were much progress made in the education of international students. At present, there are 668 international students from more than 100 countries studying for bachelor, master or doctor degrees in the 15 colleges of ZJSU. More specifically, there are 584 undergraduates, 73 masters and 9 doctors, referring to 12 undergraduate majors, 4 master majors and 2 doctor majors. The number of the overseas students for degrees is 17 times more than that of 2012, which exceeds the targets of 12th Five-Year Plan. The total number of the overseas students ranks top five of the colleges and universities in Zhejiang Province. The students registering the Confucius institute of University of West Flanders in Belgium has exceeded 600; MPM project with University of Quebec in Canada has cultivated around 800 specialized persons for economic development; “ Blue Sky” has enjoyed high reputation among the teachers; 5 international programs for students has been financed by China Scholarship Council and outbound students in 2014 have reached 500; French Union has become one of the most important center for Sino-French cultural exchanges; “E-commerce and Modern Logistics” base is identified as provincial base for international scientific and technological cooperation; the environment for education internationalization is more stronger. A large-scale show “Outbound and Inbound” by Chinese and foreign students, Korean culture week as well as the Concert by Oxford Choir were held in ZJSU. The student art troupe also visited Germany for performance.

Dai also stressed that education internationalization is the only way to improve the level of running ZJSU and called for further recognition of the importance and urgency of education internationalization to promote the process of education internationalization.

Then, Dai planed work for education internationalization in the following year. Firstly, on the principle of assimilation, we should strengthen standard management of overseas students and reinforced the awareness of quality, creating high-quality courses and majors for overseas students. Secondly, we should continue to strengthen the exchanges and cooperation with foreign famous colleges and universities, giving priority to substantially establishing cooperative relations with them. Thirdly, we should vigorously employ foreign prominent experts for the courses of undergraduates and graduates with a view to improving the international level of teaching staff and management. Fourthly, we should provide more opportunities for students to study abroad. Fifthly, we should intensify the main role of colleges in education internationalization. Sixthly, we should endeavor to conduct joint research in Sino-Europe business and trade based on Confucius Institute. Seventhly, we should strictly regulate foreign affairs. Eighthly, we should make efforts to create an international environment where multi-cultures are compatible with each other. Ninthly, we should further improve the software and hardware facilities of education internationalization.

In addition, directors of International Office simply elaborated on the 12 indicators of internationalization of higher education in Zhejiang. Directors form Graduate school, Office of teaching affairs, Department of Personnel, Colleges of Law, Management and International Education made exchanges with each other on the achievements, development trend and the issues ahead.



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