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Cheapest University for Engineering Spring Intake

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Profile of North China University of Water Resources & Electric Power

North China University of Water Resources and Electric Power(Hereafter called NCWU ) was founded in 1951. Currently, it is jointly sponsored by China’s Ministry of Water Resources and Henan Provincial Government. With two campuses, NCWU occupies a land area of 155 hectares and its floor area reaches 680,000 square meters. The university library owns a collection of more than 2 million books. The value of NCWU’s laboratory equipments and facilities amount to over 210 million yuan (RMB).

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With over 1600 faculty and staff, NCWU offers 60 bachelor. 58 master and 3 doctoral programs to over 23,000 full-time students and 18000-plus part-time students.

NCWU encompasses 20 teaching units, namely, Schools of Water Resources , School of Resources & Environment, School of Civil Engineering and Transportation, School of Mechanical Engineering, School of Electric Power, School of Environmental and Municipal Engineering, School of Management and Economics, School of Architecture, School of Mathematics and Information Science, School of Information Engineering, School of Software, School of Foreign Languages, School of Law, School of International Education, Physical Education Department and so on. Besides, there are also 65 research institutions under NCWU, such as Research Institute of Steel Structures, Yellow River Institute of Sciences, Research Institute of Urban Water Affairs, Institute of Geotechnical Engineering and Hydraulic Structures, Institute of Broad-Spectrum Philosophy and Research Center for Art Education, and many others.

Over the past decades, NCWU has been awarded with countless honors by various academic institutions and government agencies at central and provincial levels. Honors that NCWUers value and remember particularly are awards for NCWU’s efforts and achievements for its graduates. In 2009 and 2012 respectively, the university was awarded by the Ministry of Education as “National Advanced Institution in Promoting Employment for Graduates”,and awarded by Henan Provincial Government as “Model for the Most Competitive Employment-promotion University in Henan Province”. The best awards come from employers. Over the years, NCWU’s graduates enjoy well-established appraisal as “pragmatic, hardworking, persevering and professional” from engineering companies, governmental organizations as well as academic institutions across China and some parts of the world.

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bachelor programs in full English

  • civil engineering

  • mechanical engineering

  • business administration and management

  • electrical engineering


tuition fee:12000rmb

 hostel fee:2000rmb


students will have different scholarships when at studying there and have good academic performance

For admission, plz contact 


Tel: 0086-571-88165512

Skype: sophia19900813



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