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The Energy-saving Racing Cars Designed by the students of Sanming University Will Participate in the Contest of Energy-saving Car in China

by CUECC-Sophia on 2015-10-27 23:03:19

The launching ceremony for the team of “Dream Speed” taking part in the “Honda-cup” Contest of China Energy-saving Car was held in Sanming University On the afternoon of 10th, October. It is the first time for the school to send a team to get involved in the competition.

The two racing cars appearing in the ceremony, which were designed by the team of “Dream Speed”, were respectively entitled as “Dream No.2” and “Dream No.3”. Wang Xingxing, captain of the “Dream Speed”, said that “Dream No.1” ended in failure because of the vehicle design flaw and engine drawbacks, so for the cars following, the team streamlined the vehicle’s body to reduce the air resistance and in the meanwhile adopted the double ignition system when designing the engine for the purpose of enhancing energy and combustion efficiency in order to realize the quick and lean burning. And all these changes make the two racing cars stand out ultimately.

It is reported that the “Honda-cup” Contest is the most influential and authoritative competition for the energy-saving cars. The team of “Dream Speed” will leave for Guangdong International Speedway on 22th, October, and compete with teams from more than 200 universities in China. 

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