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Jilin Normal University, founded in 1958, is a key university in Jilin Province. It is located in Siping City.The campus covers an area of 920.000 square meters.The university serves as the main institution in providing higher education for teachers in Jilin province. A training center for provincial teachers at all levels has also been established.At present, there are 22 colleges, two teaching sections, seven teaching centers and 22 research units. 43 courses of study for four-year programs and 37 courses for Master degrees are offered. 87 laboratories are available for different research and the library has 1.56 million volumes. The diverse student population has an enrollment of over 25,000, over 13,325 of which are full time.


The 1316 faculty-member includes 868 teachers and specialists including 340 of which are associate and full professors. Over 498 teachers have a Master’s Degree or Doctorate. Six professors are Doctoral student advisors.


Jilin Normal University is very active in developing academic programs and exchange opportunities. Jilin Normal University has established relationships with universities in the United States, Russia, Japan, Korea, Australia, and Great Britain.

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Full-time universities' academic year in China normally contains two semesters, Spring semester and Autumn semester. The first semester starts on autumn of each year, requiring fully submission of materials between late February and late July of that year; and the second starts on spring, receiving materials between late October and late January starting from the previous year to the current year. But the dates are generally set, hence, it is important to figure out every university’s specific application deadline for each semester.


Spring semester generally only offer non-degree training programs for international students, and Autumn semester can only all the programs for international students.

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