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GDUFS and Durham University Signed a Contract for Project on Translational Double Master’s Degree

by on 2017-04-07 18:40:57

Written by: Jayne GU
Photo by:CHEN Siyan
Edited by:James Campion 

On the afternoon of March 30th 2017, a delegation from Durham University visited GDUFS and signed a contract for a project concerning a translational double master’s degree.

Attendees from Durham University were ZHENG Binghan, Director of the Center for Intercultural Mediation and Sergey Tyulenev, Director in Translation of the School of Modern Languages and Cultures. Vice President LIU Jianda received them in the VIP Hall of Administrative Building on the North Campus, along with ZHAO Junfeng, Dean of the School of Interpreting and Translation Studies of GDUFS.


Director ZHENG Binghan (left) and Vice President LIU Jianda (right) 

Warmly greeting the delegation, Vice President LIU recalled the fruitful results gained in 2015 when President ZHONG visited Durham University and explored the possibilities concerning the cooperative project with Professor ZHENG Binghan. In 2015, the two parties took the project concerning a translational double master’s degree as a starting point to further promote comprehensive cooperation on undergraduate, postgraduate and doctor projects. They finally agreed to sign a mutual cooperation memo. “It is a long process to prepare for this project and I’m really looking forward to see it being implemented,” said Vice President LIU.


Attendees talked about the cooperative project

ZHENG Binghan expressed his agreement with what LIU said and also pointed out that he expected to seek more opportunities for mutual development in different fields. ZHAO Junfeng fully affirmed and highly praised Durham University’s achievements and managerial concept, mentioning that different strengths from both parties can be fully taken advantage of through the cooperation.


ZHENG Binghan and LIU Jianda held the contract


Group Photo

Brief Introduction of Durham University: built in 1832, it is one of the oldest universities in the UK. It has a great deal of strong majors, especially English major, which makes it outstanding. It ranked fifth among numerous universities in the UK according to The Times in 2013.

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