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Internship by Wuhan University of Technology

by Sophia on 2016-11-18 15:36:32

Hereafter is an internship opportunity for some international students by Wuhan University of Technology. 

Please see the following requirement and if you are interested and capable of taking this internship. 

1. Native in the following language(s). 
a. LAR Spanish 
b. Lar Portuguese 
c. Korean 
d. French 
e. Italian 
f. German 
g. Polish 
h. Russian 
2. Good and beautiful pronuciation. 

If you are capable and have the time and interest, please contact ISO and you will be given the detailed information on Saturday(tomorrow). 

Once you get reply from them, please attend the meeting on November 28th, 12:30 pm at room 409, 4th teaching's bulding, east mashangshan campus. 

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