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Great Reward to the Graduate University

by on 2016-08-24 16:24:29

    The students who graduated in 1986 came back to the Shanghai Maritime University to congratulate 30 aniversaries for admission with their beloved teachers and students and offered one million for the encouragement fund to Foreign Language School on August, 21st. The secretary of the party committee and some principals of the Foreign Language School attended the activity.


    Jin Yongxing, the secretary of the party committee, welcomed their coming back and praised the achievements and success they’ve got and congratulated for better career and life to them on behalf of the university. He also introduced the advancement of the university in recent years, and then stated the gratitudes for their care and support to the university. Finally, he claimed the wishes that the graduates often came back to the university along with the communication with students and glory to the university.


    The representatives of graduate students made the speech respectively to express their strong feeling of gratitudes and pride. They shared the understanding to the university after graduation and then conveyed the hope that the univeristy developed better.


    The ceremony for encouragement scholarship was also held, and the representatives of graduate students signed the aggrement and decided to give some money from the fund to Shanghai Maritime University every year. At last, the graduates talked with their teachers and visited the whole campus, especially the School of Foreign Language and the simultaneous interpretation room, etc.



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